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IAAPA Attractions Expo

The IAAPA Attractions Expo Global Special Effects will be an exhibitor at the 2018 International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Attractions Expo in Orlando, Florida. The Expo will be held November 13 through November 16. The conference offers … Read More

Why Amusement Parks Would Be Crazy Boring without Our Bubble Machines

Why Amusement Parks Would Be Crazy Boring without Our Bubble Machines Amusement parks can be a lot of fun with the rides, games, and other activities. While you might visit one of these destination spots to enjoy all the attractions, … Read More

Low Lying Fog Machine

NEW LOW LYING FOG MACHINE Looking for something amazing for your next party or event? How about a fog machine? These machines can transform a space, turning it into a foggy, mysterious wonderland that makes everything feel different. You wouldn’t … Read More


NEW CONFETTI MACHINE – NO GAS REQUIRED! Some confetti machines require gas in order to propel the confetti into the air, but our new confetti machine offers an innovative way to make your party more memorable. Our completely gas-less machine … Read More

30yr Anniversary Celebration

NEW WEBSITE | NEW PRODUCTS | INDUSTRY LEADING QUALITY As part of our 30 year anniversary celebration, we launched our NEW fully-responsive website along with numerous new products! Check us out on your favorite device! NEW EXCITING PRODUCTS We are … Read More