The 2020 Snow Season is Almost Here!


For a limited time, Global Special Effects is offering customers 10% off the purchase of snow machines (including The Amazing Snowman) and snow fluids with promo code SNOWSZN10 at checkout.


Snow season is almost HERE! This year has been a rollercoaster and we believe everyone deserves an extra special holiday season. Global Special Effects is here to help you make memories that will last a lifetime.


NOW is the time to start thinking about the following:

  • Do my machines need serviced?
  • Do I have enough snow fluid?
  • How can I grow business? Do I need additional machines?


Or maybe you’re looking to create your very first snow experience? We can help with that, too! From snow machines, to snow fluids, we have you covered. There is a machine out there for any size need — big or small. Our patented Evaporative Snow™ fluid requires zero clean up and doesn’t leave any residue behind.



The Amazing Snowman

The Amazing Snowman

The Amazing Snowman is perfect for anyone looking to step up their snow game. The Amazing Snowman loves sitting in front of your home or business to welcome guests. He is designed to blow Evaporative Snowthrough his mittened hands and up into the air surrounding him. Don’t worry, Global Special Effects also has The Amazing Snow Woman to keep him company. The Amazing Snowman comes with a (6) 3 ounce bottles of Evaporative SnowConcentrate absolutely FREE.  Proudly constructed in the USA.




Evaporative Snow Concentrate

Global Special Effects’ Evaporative Snow makes every snow experience a breeze. No mess, no clean up. What more could you want?  The Evaporative Snow is sold as a concentrate and ready-to-use. The Evaporative Snow Concentrate is the best way to get the most bang for your buck. One gallon of Evaporative Snow Concentrate yields 16 gallons of ready-to-use snow fluid. One gallon of ready-to-use snow fluid produces up to 60 minutes of continuous snow time depending on desired snowflake size.



T-1500 Mini Snow Machine

The T-1500 Mini Snow Machine is a radical new Evaporative Snow machine that can be used at ground level or hung from a truss. This snow machine offers the driest snow on the market and can send snow up to 50 ft. in the air. The T-1500 Mini Snow Machine is ideal for municipalities, stadiums, shows, events, tree lighting ceremonies, and more.





No matter the need, big or small, Global Special Effects is ready for you. Our team of snow designers are waiting to help you create your next snow experience. With over 30 years of experience, we know a thing or two about how to create memories that will last a lifetime. We are open and fully operational to assist you in creating something special. Whatever that may be for you — a front porch, holiday party, tree lighting ceremony, corporate event, show, or anything in between. The possibilities are endless. Give our team a call at 256-229-5551 to discuss options for your needs today.




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