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The leading provider of special effects and atmospheric control for movies, theme parks, and special event industries around the globe!

About Global Special Effects

We are the largest visual special effects company in the world that specializes in Evaporative Snow™, foam, fog, cryo, bubbles, confetti, Flogos™, and all the fluids and accessories that go along with them. Our special effects have been featured in thousands of major motion pictures, commercials, and music videos - most recently "Mistletoe" by Justin Bieber, "Back to December" by Taylor Swift, and "Over You" by Miranda Lambert. We also have contracts with all major theme parks and attractions around the world.


We possess several U.S. and international patents relating to Francisco Guerra's special effects technology inventions. We believe that continual improvement and innovation are the keys to future growth for Global Special Effects.


Our product quality is exceptional. Our snow machines are sold with a Lifetime Limited Warranty which covers repairs or replacements.* The large number of repeat customers we serve is a testament to the excellence of our visual special effects products and accessories.

Product Mix

We manufacture much more than the Evaporative Snow™ that started our business. We provide exceptional visual special effects machines including snow, foam, cryo, fog, bubbles, scent, and our line of specialty Flogos™ machines.

"No one offers the repair service and repair parts for the 'Life Time Limited Warranty' for their products like Global Special Effects."
Steve Zigmont
Zigmont Magic F/X, Inc.

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