Floating Logos by SnowMasters™

Flogos™ Lite by SnowMasters™

  • Unit Dimensions
    • Closed:  48″L x 48″W x 13″H
    • Open:  48″L x 48″W x 37″H
    • Weight:  140 lbs  (190 lbs shipped)
  • Electrical Requirements
    • 20amp, 110V to 220V
  • Output:
    • Priming Time:  5-7 minutes
    • Depends on the desired thickness: Averages one Flogo™ every 20-30 seconds
  • Additional Specifications

The newly designed Flogos-lite is lightweight, portable, and more innovative than before. It is a fraction of the size of the original machine, which was designed in a large road case format. Now it’s easier to transport, move, and set up; it can now be operational in less than two minutes by just one person. When set up in its transporting/mobile configuration, it can be pulled, by one person, and transported in a car, minivan, or truck, like a large piece of luggage. Performance-wise, Flogos-lite is faster, with dryer Flogos that float higher and longer. Flogos-lite is available in 36″ variations similar to the previous model. It houses a built-in automatic timer to turn the machine on/off at programmable times and fly the floating clouds at different programmable intervals. 
36” Model; Purchase $5,995.00: Rent $900/day + shipping. Custom stencil creation $250 
*CONTACT 1-256-229-5551 FOR SHIPPING INFO* Requirements 1.Compressor; A steady 50psi required 2.Helium; 300 c/f tank; usage all depends on the needed amount of helium for the conditions; the setting. “Normal” usage is about 8-10 hours for a 300 c/f tank at a helium setting of 2 and air at 15. 3.Electricity; one 20amp for the Flogo machine and power for the compressor 4.Flogo fluid; One gallon of concentrate is mixed with 25 gallons of de-ionized water. Usage by the Flogo machine is about one gallon of mixed fluid per 2-3 hours of use 5.De-ionized or distilled water; For mixing 6.Stencil(s); $250 if designed and created 7.Generator (?); If required 8.Unit weights 70 pounds and ships on a pallet for a total ship weight of 120 pounds.

*Lifetime Limited Warranty is only valid when using fluids from Global Special Effects.

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