Haze Machines

Haze Machines by FOGMasters™

H-3000 Haze Machine by FOGMasters™

The H-3000 employs a large heater for faster Haze generation. The components are housed in a rugged road case for easy transportation & setup. The fluid tank has a quick disconnect leak proof design. This is truly the choice for professionals.

  • Electrical Requirements
    • 110V 50/60hz | Power: 3000W
  • Haze Output
    • 50,000 cu.ft/min
    • Projection: approximately 36 feet
  • Additional Specifications

H-1500 Haze Machine by FOGMasters™

H-1500 Hazer represents a new generation of haze machines. The heat up time is only 1 minute. This represents a new immediate heating technology. The Haze is atomized prior to heating, this allows for even dispersal. Designed to work best with Fog Masters Haze fluid.

  • Electrical Requirements
    • 110V 50/60hz | Power: 1500W
    • Warm-up Time:  1 minute
  • Haze Output
    • 20,000 cu.ft/min
  • Additional Specifications
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