So what exactly are FLOGOS™?

In the late 1990's, two international special effects inventors, Francisco Guerra and Brian Glover, wondered what would happen if they could make clouds into shapes. "What if we can make logos that fly?" they asked themselves. The team quickly went to work in the SnowMasters® research and development facility in northern Alabama, which became the home of what is now known as... FLOGOS™ - Logos that FLY! Today, Flogos represents a unique marketing opportunity for almost every occasion. Whether yours is an outdoor event or an indoor concert, your company's brand can take to the skies in a form that is unique and memorable for your audience! Imagine...making a cloud in the shape of a logo or word. These cloud-like shapes are known as Flogos. ("FLOGOS" is short for "FLOATING/FLYING LOGOS"). They can travel as far as the eye can see and can reach heights of thousands of feet. Now available for sale is the FLOGOS-LITE, a lighter-weight and much more cost-effective solution for every marketing opportunity! Introducing FLOGOS™ - Lite The newly designed Flogos-Lite is lightweight, portable, and more innovative than before. It is a fraction of the size of the original machine, which was designed in a large road case format. Now it's easier to transport, move, and set up; it can now be operational in less than two minutes by just one person. When set up in its transporting/mobile configuration, it can be pulled, by one person, and transported in a car, minivan, or truck, like a large piece of luggage. Performance-wise, Flogos-lite is faster, with dryer Flogos that float higher and longer. Flogos-lite is available in 24' and 36' variations, similar to the previous model. It houses a built-in automatic timer to turn the machine on/off at programmable times and fly the floating clouds at different programmable intervals. The operating cost of this unit can be as little as a penny per Flogo. Stencils are fully customizable. And, they are available in color. Flogos are 100% environmentally safe. The Flogos-lite can be used to enhance lighting designs, cryo, pyro, or other special effects. The Flogos-lite will stop traffic at every event and is guaranteed to make your event the talk of the town.

"No one offers the repair service and repair parts for the 'Life Time Warranty' for their products like Global Special Effects."
Steve Zigmont
Zigmont Magic F/X, Inc.

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