WE CAN MAKE OR MATCH ANY SCENT At Eco-Scent, our scent technology provides a pleasant solution in order to cater to your specific fragrance needs. With fragrance, we are able to help increase sales, draw clients into your place of business, and encourage them to linger with a sense of comfort as they indulge in our pleasing aromas. When used in the home, your guests will be more at ease, and as a host you will be more at ease, being able to relax in the comfortable fragrance of your environment. The Eco-Scent team has more than 25 years of direct experience in the fragrance industry, offering expertise in all levels of business, ranging from product development and delivery design, to the subtleties of fragrances and their specific applications. We have developed fragrances for hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, and other retailers, as well as the U.S. Military for their diverse applications. We have also provided unique applications for the entertainment world including many major theme parks. Eco-Scent has the ability to make or match absolutely any scent you can possibly imagine. We have also developed the first Dry Wave Delivery System on the market and offer a cost-effective, customer-friendly HVAC system in order to fill your entire home or business with amazingly-pleasant aromas. Call us today at 256-229-5551 for more information, or email [email protected] for a list of our latest scents.

"No one offers the repair service and repair parts for the 'Life Time Warranty' for their products like Global Special Effects."
Steve Zigmont
Zigmont Magic F/X, Inc.

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